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Don’t know where to start? Here’s how to win your way towards the largest market in the world and be the leading brand in your industry

Incorporate strategies that is just tailored perfectly for your brand to benchmark and position strategically in the market

Many companies are now selling and leading in the China market and it has been competitive ever since. But that doesn’t mean there is no room for new leaders of new industries. With the use of leveled strategy to guide your brand every stage and creating a reality-check boundary to know your ground can make your business open to more possibilities.



Get an in-depth view of the market, your competitors, and consumer insights in order for us to develop more specific strategies to grow your brand

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Have a support system to guide you in the ins and outs of the market with the amazing expert partners of Heidi so you are guaranteed to be in safe hands



Uncover the big numbers in the strategies you implemented and obtain a comprehensive analysis of your brand’s efforts

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Choosing the right path to enter the China Market is crucial and there are lots of channels to choose from online to offline platforms


Here is how we will go through upscaling your strategy during the conference call


Your brand will be thoroughly assessed from business model, marketing strategies, and risk-fail plan outline


A set of initial solutions will be presented to your brand to get an overview of how you can start penetrating the market


The decision-making phase is a crucial part to establish your roadmap towards your China Market entry


Proper execution is the final vital part to unfold your brand and be discovered by the Chinese consumers


Assessment on your brand’s readiness to China Market

One hour strategy conference call

Brief analysis of your market industry

Initial strategy to move forward

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Founded by Heidi Dugan in 2018. Arete Group Limited is a consulting and social media company that creates tailored strategies for international brands to enter the China market and effectively connect with the consumer so they can grow and profit with confidence.

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