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I couldn't have done it on my own! 
My success has been achieved with the support, guidance and skills of the relationships and partnerships I have created over the years.
 My strategy is simple "Work with the best at what they do, so that we can grow & profit."
I'd love to hear how you and I can work together!

Partner Companies

Arete Group

Arete Group Blue v2.png

Arete Group helps bridge the gap between Western companies and brands, and the Chinese consumer.

We are a consulting and social media company which creates tailored strategies for international brands to enter the China market and effectively sell and connect with the consumer, so they can grow and profit with confidence.

Grand Hotels Media Group

Grand Hotels Logo.png

Grand Hotels Media is the number one industry magazine for hotels in China, with a readership of over a million monthly, and can  be found in over 4,000 international hotels in China.


Grand Hotels is the hotel partner of “You Are The Chef” TV Show, and hotel media sponsor to Formula 1 Grand Prix, Shanghai Longines Global Champions Tour, Tennis Masters League and IAAF Diamond League. Grand Hotel Media hosts an Annual Gala Awards Ceremony, attracting hotel industry, politicians, celebrities and first-class consumers.


Food and Drink North East

Food and Drink North East is a food and drink focused company based in the North East of England that aims to build a vibrant and engaged community that champions positive trade, promotes a sustainable circular economy and acts as a collective and inclusive voice for the region’s food and drink sector.


Made by Muse

Made by Muse is a strategy-driven talent agency based in Australia, representing a vibrant network of production partners, business leaders, and creators. I am proud to be represented by Made by Muse, with a focus on Australian-led collaborations. This partnership includes brand relationships and KOL projects across various sectors such as food, health and wellness, travel, and women’s empowerment, while enhancing my business network.


Additionally, Made by Muse connects me with partners to leverage my strategic expertise, fostering business relations between Australia and China.

Contact the team at Made By Muse directly at: to work with Heidi Dugan.



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