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China Strategy

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Entering the Chinese market can be overwhelming, risky and expensive.
Having a strategy that integrates the brand into the life of the Chinese consumer that’s in line with the company goals and finances, is imperative.

Find out how we can help you succeed.

Our Vision for You

Scale your business in China, increase profit, and make decisions with certainty and confidence.

Enjoy the process, get in-depth understanding on how to operate and thrive in China,
and become a role model of success in your industry and to the consumer.

Discover your business potential in one of the largest markets in the world

Whether you are thinking of entering or you’re already doing business in the Chinese market, it can be overwhelming, risky, and expensive.

Decide and act with certainty and clarity, with a versatile strategy that integrates the brand into the life of the Chinese consumer, and that’s in line with the company goals and finances.


Have a Plan - have a real China Strategy that is based on your brand and companies unique circumstance.


Kill your uncertainty – uncover whether you're  ready to consider China as your next growth market


Discover your options - what are the next steps you need

to take

At Arete Group,

we give brand owners confidence, direction, and clarity to sell to the Chinese consumer
nd ultimately expand and grow their business in China.

We empower our clients with the tools and skills to enter one of the largest markets in the world, connect with the Chinese consumer, and scale their business.

We lead a community of businesses and partners, that are passionate about supporting and impacting the local and global community, whilst embracing arete standard of winning and having fun whilst doing it.

Check out our full range of services

In-market Expert Advisory

The team and the tools to build your business in China!

  • Have an expert on-the-ground, providing unfiltered and honest feedback on the realities of the market, your partners, your products performance and brand perception

  • Build with confidence using a flexible growth strategy

  • Identify and build relations with your sales channels and key partners

  • In-market network providing access to on and offline opportunities

  • On the ground representative who can act on your behalf to streamline and manage your message to the Chinese market

  • Spokesperson for the business and brand at events and trade shows

Create Trust & Confidence with a
Brand Ambassador

Put a face to the brand.

  • Leverage the recognition and celebrity status of Heidi’s 26 years as a TV host and Celebrity

  • Using Heidi’s well-known image, you can connect quickly with your buyers
    and create trust and confidence.

  • Content that actually resonates with her followers.

  • Over 260,000 real followers that interact regularly with Heidi on her social media.

  • Have Heidi as your spokesperson for your brand at on and offline promotional and business events.

  • Reach 100’s of 1000’s of followers with Heidi’s social media platforms:
    Official Accounts: Heidi中洋生活 – Xiao Hong Shu | Douyin | Weibo | Wechat

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