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I'm Heidi.


I am an Australian who has lived and worked in China for almost 3 decades. Most people know me as the first foreign TV host in China. As host of the popular TV show “You Are the Chef” I have over 6 million viewers tuning in daily to watch my show for the past 19 years. Based on the popularity of the show I am often a guest on a variety of national TV shows, partnered with Alibaba, and have been interviewed by Australian Financial Review, Courier Mail and Harper’s Bazaar. 

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Founder of Arete Group

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Bridge Between China and Australia

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The Go-to Expert to Food, Health, & Wellness

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Empowering Women


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An Australian entrepreneur who is so well connected, respected and successful. Heidi can always be relied on to deliver an outcome that exceeds expectations, and with integrity throughout the whole process. This is critical to building a long term credible brand in the discerning Chinese market.

Wayne McIntosh,

Director, Bright Food Global

Heidi has not only succeeded personally in many businesses, but also has a positive impact on the community through her work as a TV host, winner of awards such as Best Foreign Host, and her continued work with Shanghai Womens’ Association. Heidi is one of the first foreign television hosts in China and has been accepted by millions of fans nationwide. She is a shining representative of the success an Australian can have in China and her story has a positive impact on bettering understanding between the peoples of China and Australia.

Xu Wei

Director-General, Shanghai Municipality Spokesperson

Shanghai Municipal Government

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Entering the Chinese market can be risky and expensive. Having a strategy that integrates the brand into the life of the Chinese consumer, that’s in line with the company goals and finances is imperative.

Find out how I can help you succeed.

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